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Chicopee Neighborhood Development Corporation is excited to offer affordable homes to eligible first time homebuyers.

Because Chicopee Neighborhood Development utilizes federal and public funds to create these affordable properties, buyers must meet eligibility guidelines.

* You must be a first time homebuyer. If you owned a home in the past, you will still be eligible if you sold a house at least 36 months ago, OR you are now separated from your spouse or significant other and have become a “displaced homemaker” or single parent.

* Your household’s total income must fall below the income guidelines listed below. Total household income includes the income of all household members from all sources, including child support, alimony, public assistance, and social security.

Family size of 1 - $46,100 ___ Family size of 2 - $52,650
Family size of 3 - $59,250 ___ Family size of 4 - $65,800
Family size of 5 - $71,100 ___ Family size of 6 - $76,350
Family size of 7 - $81,600 ___ Family size of 8 - $86,900

* You must have a Certificate of Completion from an approved First-Time Homebuyer education course. Please ask for class schedules as we also teach these workshops regularly.